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President's Message

Management Philosophy

The management philosophy of our company is to "Constanly create new value in order to match the company's prosperity with our employee's happiness".
This "creation of new value" serves as the corporate identity for our company. Under the motto of a "technical innovator that thinks, selects and creates", our main aim continues to be the creation of a culture of innovation by integrating ever-evolving technological seeds (technical know-how and ideas) and market needs.

Thorough Structural Reform

Nippo has been making large-scale investments, including the establishment of new business bases in ASEAN and Mexico, in order to achieve our "Mid-Term Management Plan 2016".

Nonetheless, we have posted operating losses for two consecutive terms due to a slowdown in the growth of the economies of China and other newly developing countries, and our inability to flexibly respond to the changes in the external environment accompanying this slowdown.
We are currently implementing structural reform based on the policies of "selecting and narrowing-down of business operations" and "concentration on profitable activities". Through this thorough and total structural reform, we are transforming ourselves under the motto of "steady-going" into a "top-class global medium-sized company".
Mid and Long-Term Plans

Our company strengths consist of, firstly, "our two 'family businesses' (trading business and manufacturing business centered on high-precision molded products)", and, secondly, "our foreign and domestic production and sales network that we have built over the last 64 years". Our final strength lies in the existence of our "employees who always deal with our customers in a sincere and honest manner". However, I feel that we have not completely formulated specific plans in order to fully integrate these strengths into our core competence. Together with the above-described structural reform, we are working towards being able to present our shareholders and investors with a clearly delineated plan, during FY2016, of the path we must take in our company's future. Accordingly, the continued support and guidance of our shareholders and investors will be greatly appreciated.