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Business & Products information

Business & Products information

Business Area

We will provide information on the areas of activity and the goals of NIPPO LTD. such as business areas and business strategy.

Advantages of NIPPO LTD

We have the advantage of being able to offer total support, ranging from various forms of “know-how” with regard to commercial production and through possession of products made from optimal materials using state-of-the-art processing methods.

Business Identity

We will introduce our business identity.

Quality Policy

We will provide information on the Basic Quality Policy of NIPPO LTD.

Main products of NIPPO LTD.

We are a specialized trading company, with the additional function of manufacturer, that handles industrial components and materials. We aim to become a ‘global solution’ company that can consider and discover not only existing, but also potential, customer needs and select optimal materials and processing methods and that can create earth-conscious, high-quality materials, parts, units, products and services.
We handle products such as electrical and electronic parts, semiconductors, automobile-related resin products, precision equipment, including office automation and audio/video equipment, housing equipment such as water heaters and pipe materials, industrial motor mechanism elements, as well as IC-based cards and tags. We are also entrusted by our peers with mechatronics design, analysis and assessment.