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Advantages of NIPPO LTD

  • As a specialized trading company with the added function of manufacturer, we can consider and discover not only existing, but also potential, customer needs and select and propose optimal materials and processing methods.

  • As a global solution company that creates ‘earth-conscious’ high-quality materials, parts, units, products, and services, we have been involved in business transactions with customers in a wide range of industries for over 60 years.

  • Our business style has always been to provide optimal products and services providing high customer satisfaction by responding to information from customers through: the three-way cooperation of our business, production, and development departments; or: the four-way cooperation that also includes our parts and materials suppliers.

  • Our propounding and coordinating capabilities, based on such experience, know-how and technological capability are the source, as well as the advantage, of our ‘added–value’ approach to business.