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Basic CSR Policy


NIPPO LTD. considers CSR activities important for employee job satisfaction and the improvement of corporate reputation.

We aim at long-term activities for the satisfaction of our employees, our company and all persons concerned by making use of our specific assets and conducting activities based on employeesf own initiatives.

To fulfill economic responsibility

  • We provide best value to customers by developing socially-useful products and services, which is safe, of high quality and affordable.
  • We actively disclose business information in a fair and timely manner to promote extensive communication with shareholders and society.
  • We provide a safe and conducive working environment for employment and foster a rewarding and exciting workplace by promoting and enabling growth and development of employees.

To fulfill social and environmental responsibility

  • We take a pro-active view when dealing with environmental issues by recognising that such issues are an essential requirement for our activities and the achievement of the goals of the corporation.
  • We actively contribute to the development of local communities as a "good citizen"
  • We respect the culture and customs of countries and other autonomous regions, aim to protect peace and contribute to local development abroad.