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Information Security Basic Policy

NIPPO LTD. (including subsidiaries and affiliated companies, hereinafter referred to as "We") hereby declare that we recognize the importance of the security of information, set the information security basic policy (hereinafter referred to as "this basic policy") to fulfill the corporate goal of social responsibility and all executives and regular employees will be required to put the policy into practice.
  1. We are determined to establish a reliable information security management system and perform appropriate controls.
  2. We will comply with the laws related to information security and create and comply with the office regulations in accordance with this basic policy.
  3. We shall provide education and training with respect to information security and raise awareness about the importance of such information security when performing our duties in this regard.
  4. We shall take all possible measures to ensure human, physical, environmental and technological security so as not to lead to the loss, damage, or leak of information assets as well as to prevent unauthorized access to such confidential information, either within or outside of the company.
  5. When security problems are suspected to have occurred with respect to information assets, or; when the possibility of such problems is foreseen, we shall do our utmost to prevent the problems from occurring or to minimize the damage and take every possible measure to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence of any such breach of security.
  6. We will establish the audit system on information security and make any improvements required in response to the recommendations of an appropriate audit.