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Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities

Message from the General Manager of the Personnel

We want to share the pleasure of taking on challenges with you.

The business objective of NIPPO LTD. is "Matching the Company's Prosperity with our Employees Happiness".
To achieve this, we need to be clear about our own roles and responsibilities, make full use of our capabilities, and focus on value creation. And "Management Philosophy" provides that "results and satisfaction" acquired through the actions is shared fairly (but not necessarily equally) by the members of our company's "community".

The second evaluation of the person who failed to challenge
Marking the 63th anniversary of the foundation of the company and remembering the unremitting efforts of our predecessors over these six decades, we are expanding our business with companies that are now the ‘leaders’ in their industries.
The bankruptcy of Lehman, the appreciation of the yen, the Great East Japan Earthquake and the deluge in Thailand, the enviroment surrounding us is changing tremendously during the last few years.
Under such circumstances, we are taking on the challenge of ‘innovation’ to strong and steady company with five mid-term basic strategies "improvement of management quality", "expansion of the market", "deepening and evolution of manufacturing", "exertion of group synergy", and "bold implementation of structural reforms".
To embody this innovation, our executives are required to achieve "high aspirations" and "strong leadership", the employees are required "challenge to new things".

What we can provide to our employees is an environment where they can challenge.
We envision a corporate culture that values "people who took on challenges, but failed" more than "people who produced good results doing their jobs the old way". The vision reminds us of the importance of taking on new challenges by considering the corporate goals and plans and through an independent mind-set that produces good results. The personnel evaluation of the campany, "Whether you try new challenges" has been a point of most important appraisal.

What kind of targets did you set during your school-days?
For our company to develop further and to help our employees and their families to realize happiness in the future, we need aggressive human resources who have big dreams and who are prepared to continue taking on challenges, daily, weekly and so, onwards. We are about to change. So we are the ideal company for those who are holding high aspirations and dreams.
I have seen numerous companies in addition to the experience of my own job change, and I can say there are few companies as interesting as we are. If you are one of those individuals who wants to feel fulfilled and realize your dreams by accomplishing part of a large work in our challenging environment, please apply for a position with us. Let's continue to take on the challenges of the future together!

Finding employment is not the goal but merely the starting line.
We can create unique values only when diversified personalities discuss issues, regardless of position, career, or age. To that end, human resources must also be diversified.
In our selection for employment, we place more importance on "personality", "values" and "potential" that we sense during the interview process, rather than the country of origin or alma mater.
Those who have thought that: "This company likely matches me" or "Shall I apply for this company?" please call on our company for a job. And please ‘try to sell your personality’ and future vision during the interview.
During the interviews, we are not interested at all in prepared answers and smooth and fluent model answers. We want you to talk about your thoughts and way of life and the goals and visions of your life in five or ten years, using your own words.

We are looking forward to seeing applicants with big dreams, positive attitudes and with rich characters and standing at the start line toward the same dreams with you on April 1.